Punctual and regular attendance is always insisted upon. Irregularity in attendance is a major disruptive force in a student's life because it can lead to a lack of sustained interest in studies. Hence, the School takes a serious view of parents who do not ensure their ward's regular attendance.

When a student is unable to attend the Class a leave application must be sent to the Principal giving the reason for his/her absence.

If a student continues to be absent for a month without any intimation to the Principal, his/her name will be struck off from the School rolls.

Students are all expected to attend the School on the re-opening day after the vacation and on the last working day prior to the vacation, failing which they will face action against them. Absence without leave notice renders the student liable to have his/her name stuck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on the payment of a fresh admission fee.

All the students are expected to attend the celebration of National Festivals and other important occasions of the School, failing which their marks may be deducted.

Students of Classes X and XII should note that Admit Cards will not be issued if they fail to attend School till the last working day before the Preparatory leave begins. They should also comply with the Council's rule on minimum attendance of 75% for the Board Exam.

Students are accountable to the School authorities for their behavior both in the School and out of the School, particularly when they are in their School uniform.

If a student is found outside the School premises during working hours without the written permission of the school authorities, the Principal will be forced to take strict disciplinary action.


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